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Newbald Primary School

"Big enough to inspire, Small enough to care"



A Brief History of Newbald School by Dr John Barrett (Governor)


The present school, built by the East Riding County Council, was formally opened on Saturday 14th February 1914, the earlier school - by the Green -  having become grossly overcrowded.  As  was usual at the time, the new school had (at the rear) separate entrances for boys and girls, one of which can still be seen.  The sexes were also separated, by a fence, in the front playground. Within six months of opening, Britain was at war and in the following year (25th June 1915) the school received evacuee children from Hull following a Zeppelin raid.  (The school also received evacuee children from Hull in the Second World War, first in 1939, and again in 1941).

In spite of various additions, to the side and to the rear, the appearance of the front of the school has remained largely unchanged, unlike its position relative to the village. Today the school is physically part of the village.  But in 1914 it stood well apart, surrounded by open fields (except for a couple of cottages).  The schools age-range has also changed.    

From 1952 onwards, the over 11’s have been transferred, mostly to Market Weighton School, leaving Newbald as the Primary School we know today. Many parents will remember the several changes made in the 1980’s. In 1984, the old outside lavatories were demolished and replaced by internal ones. In 1985, the original school bell, silent for many years, was repaired and has summoned the children ever since. Also in the 1980’s, the school started to use the village hall for P.E., the council laying a surfaced path along Townside Road for the children’s walk to the hall. And in 1989, the council purchased land to create the present playing field behind the school. There have been several recent changes - the new entrance and office/classroom extension (2000), the new computer room (2003) and the new library and staff room (2006). 2008 saw the building of the new school hall and foundation classroom on the site of the old mobile and in 2014 an extension to Class 1, new cloakroom facilities and an upgraded office continued to support the school's growing needs. In the summer of 2016 Classes 3 and 4 were extended to ensure the school has capacity for the growing number of students attending this flourishing school.