At Newbald Primary School we have four separate houses - Mercury (red), Neptune (blue), Jupiter (green) and Saturn (yellow).


At the start of the academic school year the Year 6 children have the chance to become Captains and Vice Captains of their house. The rest of the children in their house vote for their captains and vice captains. The children take their role very seriously and thoroughly enjoy helping the adults and younger children in school.

Throughout the year the children are awarded Team points for good behavior, kindness and helpfulness. These points are celebrated weekly at our WOW Assembly and there is a winning team for the end of each term.

There are also termly challenges between houses and during Sports Day we have House races and team activities.

We believe that the House system further cements the childrens'  feelings of belonging within our school community.

HOUSE CAPTAINS 2016 - 2017