At Newbald Primary School the pupils are at the heart of everything that we do and are our responsibility and concern. We work in partnership with parents and consider it a priority to inform and involve the parents at every stage in their child’s time at the school.

There may be rare occasions when concerns about a child mean that we have to consult other agencies even before we contact the parents. The East Riding Safeguarding Children Board has laid down the procedures we follow, and the school has adopted a Child Protection Policy in line with this to ensure the safety of everyone.

Please find the school and Local Authority contacts should you have any concerns, queries or need further information:


Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) – Mrs Morag Sinclair, Headteacher

Deputy DSL - Mrs Allison Rees, School Business Manager

Safeguarding and Child Protection Governor - Mrs Jean Johnson

East Riding Designated Officer - Tony Marsh (01482) 392139


You can also read our Child Protection and Safeguarding policy.

To read more about safeguarding children within the East Riding Local Authority, please visit the ERSCB website.


To view the School's Child Protection Policy and Safeguarding Advice for Visitors & Volunteers Leaflet, please use the links below:

North Newbald - Child Protection Policy 

Safeguarding Advice for Visitors & Volunteers Leaflet 

Safeguarding Statement

At Newbald Primary School we are committed to keeping every child safe. With this in mind Safeguarding is central to all we do. We work in partnership with families and make ourselves available to offer support and guidance to all the people involved in our children’s lives.

We are fully committed to ensuring that consistent effective safeguarding procedures are in place to support families, children and staff at school. We have a dedicated safeguarding team who consist of the Head Teacher and School Business Manager, who both undertake regular training to keep updated and provide an effective service.


For the best interests of our children we use the following safeguarding measures.


Cause for Concern

Teachers are asked to report any causes for concern to the Safeguarding Team using a written pro-forma. Any concerns will be shared with parents as early as possible, as more often than not, there are reasonable explanations for the concern. Concerns may range from children being visibly upset to persistent lateness to children ‘disclosing’ concerns.



All lateness and absences are recorded by the School Business Manager. Reasons will be sought for all absence or lateness. Attendance is monitored through these systems and referrals to the Safeguarding Team can be made. Parents will always be informed of concerns around attendance at the earliest point. If attendance concerns continue the school will refer to the Education Welfare Service.


School Holidays

DFE regulations do not permit holidays in term time. Holidays in term time will not be authorised.


Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation is a practice carried out in some cultures. It is ILLEGAL in this country. The school has a duty of care to all children to ensure that this practice does NOT occur. If we are concerned that an extended holiday may be used for this practice we will ask for a meeting with parents. If it is still a concern we will refer to Social Care as this is a serious child protection issue.